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Schildkröt made three versions of the Tressy doll and they are called Kessy, Gaby and Babsy. They were produced in 1967 for one year and not very many were made and today these dolls are quite rare but they must have the turtle ( Schildkröt ) on the back of their necks. Schildkröt unfortunately do not retain any of the information on these doll as all their records were destroyed by a fire in the late 1970s or 80s. I have two boxed dolls that were made for the Italian market and  marked Felina Felinette by a sticker on the box.


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Gaby is 30cms tall and has growing hair, her head, arms and legs are made of soft vinyl and her legs hold a pose. Various hair colours were available blonde, red, baby blonde and brown and her face is a very pale colour. She came in a green carton style box opening at the top and bottom dressed in a red cotton dress with a white belt with the key attached, white shoes and panties and white stand marked Gaby.. 

Gaby sold for 14.75 DM

Stock number # 21-3021-20


Kessy is 30cms and is the friend of Gaby, she has stiff legs and soft arms and is the make up version doll, she has the same turtle markings as Gaby but does not have the growing hair. She came wearing a pink dress, white shoes and panties and was sold in a purple carton style box that opens at the top and bottom complete with her stand marked Kessy and two make up pens ( one lipstick and one brown eyeliner ). The doll shown here has never been removed from her box before now and still has her hair net covering her face. Hair colours were brown, blonde and red.

Kessy sold for 9.75 DM

Stock number # 21-3022-20

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Babsy is 24cms tall and is the little sister of Gaby. She has soft vinyl legs and little shaped feet but the legs do not hold a pose like the American Character and Palitoy legs. When she sits her legs are in the "v" shape like the first America Character Tressy doll. Her face has more colour than Kessy and Gaby with a slight blush to the cheeks and she has the growing hair, and the turtle mark on the back of her neck. She came in a blue carton style box wearing a blue dress, white shoes and panties and with a stand marked Babsy. Hair colours were blonde and brown and honey.

 Babsy sold for 14.75 DM

Stock number # 21-2523-20

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Kessy NRFB doll bought in Italy

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Babsy Box

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