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Tressy was made in 1967 by Novo-Gama S.A. in Barcelona in the north east of Spain, that is now known as Catalonia. Tressy is 30cm tall and this one is in a red cotton jersey dress edged in white cotton and a white braid belt with her key attached. I believe the dresses were also made in blue and green also with the white trim. She comes with white shoes and panties, curlers and hair grips . Her arms and legs are rigid plastic and move at the shoulders and hips and the hair colours as far as we know where in blonde, honey, platinum, auburn and brown, I have seen six of these dolls but they all had the same hair colour as the one in this picture, also every one of these dolls I have seen has painted finger nails.

 Stock number # 1230.

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 Rare Boxed Novo Gama Tressy doll

This very rare boxed doll is owned by a friend from France, thanks to Laurence from Fantastic Toys for the picture of this very rare boxed doll. I believe there are only two boxed dolls in France and I am told none exist in Spain. 


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Tressy outfits by Novo Gama


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