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Firstly remove Cathie's growing hair as described in the Tressy hospital section.

 Then carefully  remove her legs and strip off the stocking covering by undoing the screw on the inside of the joint. Put her stockings into soak, you can safely use remove-zit on the stockings to remove any stains, it will not bring the colour out of the pink stockings. Do this when dry and leave it on a few days then re wash and leave to dry.


This is Cathie's badly peeled leg that was under the stockings, do not attempt to wash the leg.


Repaint Cathie's leg with acrylic paints in a flesh colour a couple of thin coats should be sufficient.


Replace the stockings and re fit the ring and socket to the top of the leg over the top of the stockings to hold them in place.


Refinished Cathie leg.


 The first Cathie's up until 1969 have original nail polish and this should not be removed, all the straight leg dolls should have polish. If Cathie has had nail polish applied that is not original use remove-zit to lift it out of the finger tips, apply and leave for two or three days, pick off the remove-zit and then wash off with a dolly wash. Soak the rest of her in luke warm water and dolly wash solution for a few minutes.


Wash her gently over with a small make-up sponge taking care around her sleep eyes. use cotton buds to clean any suds or marks from the eyes.


Use a soft toothbrush for stubborn marks and then gently wash her hair condition and set as desired.

Replace Cathie's legs and ponytail as described in the Tressy hospital page.



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