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The first Cathie was made in 1967 and has straight legs and non growing hair and is 48cm tall.

The second version has bendable legs that are  covered in white stockings and was made in 1969.

The 3rd version is called Cathie Tresses, she was made in  1969  and has bending legs with white stockings and she has growing hair.
The button on the back of the earlier dolls has a lighter colour then the flesh. Later dolls have flesh coloured buttons.
Early dolls have a side part on the right side, later dolls have a centre part, but we have known this to vary.

From 1967 until 1969 Cathie had two bigger sisters, Betsie and Leslie. They were identical but Betsie was 55 cms tall and Leslie 60 cms. They were discontinued because they didn't sell well.
Between 1967 and 1972 Cathies were made with smaller arms and hands than the later dolls. In the period between 1972 and 1974 both kind of arms were used, depending on stock.
After 1971 dolls have flesh coloured stockings.
The early dolls have a shiny skin made of a different vinyl than later dolls.

Dolls have blue or hazel eyes and after 1976 green eyes as well.

Usually brunettes have hazel eyes and blonds blue eyes but this is not always so. There are at least 5 kinds of blond hair: platinum, reddish blond, golden blond, ash blond and dark blond and also red hair.

From 1972 till 1982 Cathie has the same clothes as Tressy.

After 1981 up to 1984 when  the house of Bella ended and was taken over by Berchet  Cathie was still made but was called Nathie and later Sarah.
Nathie had non-growing hair and bend legs in 1983 and Straight legs in 1984, she can be recognised  by a pinker skin then the early Cathie and has bangs. Sarah made in 1984 has non growing hair and straight legs.

There are also two black Cathie dolls one is called Sylvette who has short black hair and brown eyes and was made by the house of Bella in 1976 for Nouvelles Galeries.  The other is called Candy and she has short white curly hair, blue eyes and is 48cms.

Some of the outfits that Bella made for Cathie and Tressy were made in several colours and different fabric so many variants can be found of their outfits.


Jerry, Cathie's boyfriend was sold from 1972 till 1975 and is 49cms tall. The first version has dark, molded hair and painted eyes.

In 1974  Jerry had  blonde or chestnut implanted hair with a parting on the left and painted eyes,

In 1975 he had implanted hair in blonde or black and sleep eyes.

1st jerry carries no mark.

2nd Jerry is marked 4408 Bella

3rd Jerry with moving eyes is marked 4410 Bella

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