Tressy, Cricket and Snouky collection of 

Hilmar Bonda

 Bellita de Bella in Anorak


 1st version AC. V leg in Surprise Party 


1st version Palitoy in Hep Hostess 


2nd version Bella in Quartier Latin


2nd version Palitoy in Winters Journey


2nd  version Afro American AC in Black Magic


Bella from 1976 in original outfit


2nd version Palitoy in Gala Occasion


Bella from 1972 in original outfit


 Regal in blue ribbon winner, dog unknown.


1st Version Lili Ledy in En La Cocina


2nd Version Palitoy in Evening Gala


Grow hair Cricket in Yeah Yeah


1st version Bella in hostess outfit


2nd version Snouky in Gambade


1st Version AC in Summer Holiday, bag and hat are not original.


AC Mary Make-up in Air Hostess 


2rd Version SL Cricket


AC mold Bella in Monte Carlo


4th Version AC in Palitoy Soda Pop Cutie

Grow hair Cricket in Sugar "N" Spice


Bella in Ski




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