About our site

Our aim is to build a reference site for Tressy as best we can. On the following pages you will find examples of the dolls from all different countries. You will find out how to repair and  re root your dolls, what products to use, and how to repair their clothing to the best of our knowledge. 

Any products we recommend are only done so when we have used them ourselves with success, but please take care when using them as all plastics and vinyl are not the same, and each individual doll can vary in composition , and we do not accept responsibility for any damage you may do to your doll by not following this advice, test every thing first in an area where it wont show.

We are using all our own collection on this site with the exception of Bella whose range is so vast, but we have lots of lovely French friends to help us. We also have used a picture of a Spanish Novo Gama boxed doll belonging to Laurence from Fantastic toys in France. The information on Tressy and her friends is bigger that we ever dreamed of so please bear with us as we will be adding more to the site over the coming months.



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