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First Regal Tressy

The first version of the Regal Tressy doll from 1964 has very high colour make-up and wears a red cotton jersey dress with white satin trim, white belt with key attached, white cotton panties and white shoes. She came in a shoe box style of box marked "high fashion Tressy" with bilingual graphics, a stand and booklet were included in the box. Her hair colours are platinum, blonde, light brown and dark brown, she is 30cms tall and is marked regal on the back of her neck and was made by the regal Toy Company in Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

Stock number # 70211




Second version of Regal Tressy

The second version of the Regal Tressy is from 1965 is the much softer faced make-up version of the doll. She comes in a carton type of box marked " high fashion tressy " that opens at each end and she wears a navy and white cotton dress with a white belt, white panties and shoes and is complete with her stand and key. Her hair colour are platinum, blonde, light and dark brown and make-up was available separately to add her eyelashes and lip colour.

     Stock number # 70211 ( marked same as first doll )


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Mary Make-up version from Regal.

This is possibly the rarest doll from the whole of the international Tressy family she is a non grow hair doll with a bubble cut and a make-up face and is from 1965, she has a darker skin tone that the grow hair doll and very deep blusher to her cheeks. She came in a mid blue and white dress with a white belt, white panties and shoes. The box for this doll is unknown at the present time as to date nobody has ever seen one. I only know of two of these dolls being in existence at the time of writing this and they both have dark brown hair.

Stock number is unknown




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Box for first Regal Tressy

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Box for second Regal Tressy




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