Señorita Lili and Barbara boxed dolls and gift sets

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The first Señorita Lili 1967

This is the first Señorita Lilí shown here in her original box. She has none bendable legs, growing hair and only 2 hair colors have been found to date, Blond and Dark blonde. she is wearing her original swimsuit and was made from 1967 to 1970. This swimsuit has a tag with the Lili brand sewn in the side seam.

Lili Multi Moda with wigs

Lili Multi Moda gift set from 1979 complete with 3 wigs, doll, brush and comb and two wig heads.

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Lili Multi Moda

Lili Multi Moda gift set from 1980. Contains doll and two outfits 

Tutti little sister of Lily

This is Tutti who was made by Lili Ledy under license from Mattel. She was sold as Tutti the little sister of Señorita Lilí. She is shown here in her original box and it states on the yellow band holding the doll in place that she is the little sister of Lili.

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